This site concerns unique or derivative Linux distributions that have been specially tailored to provide a small-footprint in terms of efficient RAM and CPU resource usage.

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FirstRib a full installed distro

Turning your fully installed Linux distro into a frugal install via FirstRib A full installed distro tends to lack the flexibility of a …


The next FirstRib matter I intend to blog a bit about is the process of building a FirstRib-based distro. However, I find this topic a …

FirstRib maintenance utilities

Here is a partial list of utilities you can use to maintain/modify your FirstRib-powered distro: 1. ` \ …

FirstRib Documentation and Downloads

Whilst this blog-centred website has been usefully used by myself for some years, I haven't really spent a lot of time on producing new …

FirstRib initrd easy changes rollback

Rolling back to a previous boot session state The following can be used with either a non-pseudo-full-install (i.e. a FirstRib typical …




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