New Dev laptop

My all-time favourite HP Elitebook 2530p

So after eight years I have put my now crippled HP Elitebook 2530p dev laptop out to seed. It still functions, but only booting now from 16GB sdcard. I wouldn't be surprised it I keep using it for my daily browsing, but for development purposes I inherited the following machine a few months back (but had it gathering dust in a cupboard till now):

HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1
Processor: Intel Core M-5Y71 CPU @ 1.20GHz
RAM: 8017MB
Hard Disk: 256GB

My goodness, first time I've been using UEFI machine (left secure boot enabled and booting via grub2 on internal hard drive).

Tonight installed WDL_Arch64 onto it (mainly by direct copy from old machine's sdcard so my git directories already installed and therefore convenient pushing up this new blog post to my site).

So plenty of space now and back in dev business…

Posting from it now.

Note that I boot with WeeDogLinux kernel option:


That uses a copy of upper_changes persistence folder in RAM and doesn't save it back to main harddrive unless I arrange for it to do so - that saves all potential SSD wear since not generally writing back to it. I should of course implement an rsync back, when desired during shutdown, but haven't got round to writing the script for that and just tend to do it manually for now… Of course anything actually written to the boot folder that doesn't involve upper_changes (such as my git folders and cherrytree notes) does actually get saved there.

I'll likely update this post later (I would change image to that of actual machine, but late here and a bit too dark for photo…).

You can currently find a copy of this post at and can comment on it there if you wish.

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