New Puppy/Dog Discussion Forum by rockedge

The Murga Puppy Linux Discussion Forum has been showing its age for some time. Not only does it use obsolete old phpBB code, it does not support https protocol, and as a result new users often fail to receive the necessary registration emails so fail to successfully register. There are no such problems with rockedge's new site, which uses bang up-to-date phpBB and has its own https security-related certificate.

You can find rockedge's new Puppy/Dog Discussion Forum and register to become a member here:

Note that the new forum website url does indeed now begin with “https://". You can also access it via old http protocol, but there is no good reason to do so.

As rockedge points out, the new forum is currently under construction, but he has already begun organising the new forum to address some of the short-comings of the aging murga Puppy Linux Discussion Forum. In particular, you might notice new sections being provided, which at last provide opportunity to better support and promote the many other-than-Puppy distros that have been a creative contributory part of the murga forum environment for many years already.

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